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"I’m Lan Mandragoran and I nominate Moiraine Damodred for the ice bucket challenge"

*throws her into a pond*

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More Aiel closet cosplay pictures, plus some without the headband. I’m suddenly really glad I didn’t get rid of that spear.

And the Shadow fell upon the Land, and the World was riven stone from stone. The oceans fled, and the mountains were swallowed up, and the nations were scattered to the eight corners of the World. The moon was as blood, and the sun was as ashes. The seas boiled, and the living envied the dead. All was shattered, and all but memory lost, and one memory above all others, of him who brought the Shadow and the Breaking of the World. And him they named Dragon

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OOOOOLD drawing. done a year ago, when i was still in uni. i love this so so much, good thing i didn’t give it to him. haha. XD
it’s supposed to be Visenya Targaryen. :)


OOOOOLD drawing. done a year ago, when i was still in uni. i love this so so much, good thing i didn’t give it to him. haha. XD

it’s supposed to be Visenya Targaryen. :)

So this is allegedly Jaime's storyline in season five

"It started with me learning that Nikolaj Coster-Waldau was going to be in Spain for most of the season. From there, I asked someone who would know. I am not going to say how I know, because that would get the person in significant trouble, and I don’t want that. In fact I probably shouldn’t…

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why does everyone hate on Faile? It makes me sad. Yeah, she doesn’t always handle things the best way, but that’s the way she was raised. Saldaeans are weird about conflict. And she really loves Perrin. I think maybe the reason people don’t like Faile is because she doesn’t realize Perrin can sense her emotions, so she thinks she’s hiding her anger just fine. I mean, Faile generally realizes when her anger is irrational, so she hides it. Most people do that. But most people don’t have a husband that can smell their anger. There’s also the whole miscommunication thing, which is present with most of the other characters as well.

I think I’ve mentioned before that Faile is one of my favorites because she’s very representative of one thing that I think Wheel of Time does very well: Either subvert or flip traditional gender symbols in fiction

Faile is basically the classic Lady Macbeth archetype of the woman who has a lot more ambition than her husband, but where a lot of those archetypes have this attitude simply because they wish to increase their own influence through their spouses, Faile does it because it’s in Perrin’s (and the world’s) best interests, and she does it out of a sincere love for Perrin.

Speaking of that, I’m just going to hijack this space to talk about another kind of neat thing:

So there’s this running theme in Greek and Roman storytelling about women and power that basically goes something along the lines of ‘men with power have the choice to either use it wisely or to use it for evil, but women always use their power for evil.’ The whole ‘original sin’ element of the Bible falls into the same storytelling tradition. Except in the Wheel of Time universe it’s the other way around. Aes Sedai have a conscious choice of serving the Dark One or the Tower, and even though their power and hierarchies are rigidly defined, there’s still that aspect of choice. Meanwhile, it’s the men who are guaranteed to all go stark raving mad, almost reinforcing a broader sense of unnatural-ness that comes with men being in power, which is probably why so many of the kingdoms with the closest ties to the Aes Sedai are run by women in the Wheel of Time universe.

…I should actually start reading this series again. I guess my tabletop campaign flubbing sorta made me stop for a while. That and exams.